The Give Me Liberty interactive digital trail is now live!

Special Projects

Give Me Liberty! Digital Trail

This brand NEW Interactive Digital Trail is made possible by a grant from the Virginia Tourism Corporation's American Evolution 2019 Commemoration program.  The Louisa County Historical Society was awarded this grant for the purpose of developing the, "Give Me Liberty" interactive trail. 

The trail allows both residents and visitors to identify 50+ sites in Louisa County. Together they unfold the story of our American Democracy focusing on the experiences of Indians, women, and African Americans.  This new interactive digital driving trail is much like a Treasure Hunt and a Mystery Game combined! Now available at the link below.  

Proud Partners: Louisa County Chamber of Commerce and Louisa County Parks, Recreation and Tourism

With Our Hearts Listen

The 1950s represented an era of change for Americans. Louisans reflect on those times in a series of oral histories to be shared in their stories and memorabilia. 

Over the course of the next several months we will be conducting interviews and making the findings available to the public.  This project was made possible by The Enriching Communities grant funding through Charlottesville Area Community Foundation (CACF)

Check back for more updates.  Follow the link below to an article on our blog  regarding life in Louisa in 1953 from High School students perspectives. 

Genealogy Research

Learn more about how to trace your ancestry.  Skilled genealogy researchers meet with visitors the first Wednesday of each month at the Sargeant Museum from 10:15 am to 12:15 pm. 

Periodic workshops in specific topics are also provided:

Friday, July 10: Before We Were "Americans"  

July is the month to celebrate the Revolutionary War and American Independence; but what records exist to help us learn about our Colonial Period ancestors? 

Lots of records exist! Bring the names and any info you have about your pre-1800 ancestors as we explore early military, land, and court records to discover new details about your family's story.  

No fee or registration is required for this program. 


The Land Between the Rivers - Piedmont Virginia Digital History, is an online collaboration between several of the local historical societies and museums in the portion of Virginia between the James and Rappahannock Rivers.    

Will the Stones Whisper Their Names?

 Historical Society staff, volunteers and community members have recorded over 200 African American burial sites across Louisa County.  Many of these sites contain the remains of people who died enslaved.  Follow the link below to see the map where some of these sites have been located.  



In keeping with the purpose of the Louisa County Historical Society, which is to promote the preservation of historical records, collect existing materials, writings and artifacts of life in Louisa County and to make these collections available to the public, the Magazine is published in two Issues each year, Spring and Fall; are published quarterly, spring, summer, fall and winter.

We are delighted to announce that an updated, revised, and expanded edition of The Old Home Places of Louisa County is now available for purchase! Copies may be purchased at our Old Home Places page.  The Facebook page has sample pages, progress reports and news of wonderful discoveries along the way.